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United Methodist Marriage Encounter in Ohio has Temporarily Suspended Weekends

Due to leadership issues United Methodist Weekends in Ohio are now suspended.  We hope that we can resume a full schedule of weekends in the future.  At this time we ask that you prayerfully consider a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend of another faith expression.  Posted below you will find links to Roman Catholic Web Sites serving various sections of Ohio.  Protestant, Orthodox and Coptic Christians are welcomed at Roman Catholic Weekends.  If you attend a weekend of another faith expression and would like information on post-weekend United Methodist Marriage Encounter activities in your area, please feel free to email Carl & Jane Denbow for additional information.  

Akron Area Roman Catholic Site

Cleveland Area Roman Catholic Site

Columbus Area Roman Catholic Site

Toledo Area Roman Catholic Site

Youngstown Area Roman Catholic Site


You can download a brochure and application form by clicking here.  


For information about United Methodist Marriage Encounter Weekends in other states, visit the national site or contact Tim & Jo Victor via email. 

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